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Vegan Grilled Cheese


Delicious Dairy-Free Grilled Cheese Sandwich (100% Vegan!)

We're back at it again with round two of cheesy goodness. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the one and only grilled cheese - and another major comfort food staple to have in your back pocket when you just need something quick, easy, cheap, and DELICIOUS. Like I promised before, vegan cheese can be delicious. Trust me, I've tried them all and landed on some super tasty options I cannot wait for you to try. You can check out my Plant Based Replacement Guide to see all favorite brands and go to's.

I know not everyone has access to a Whole Foods, but it's well worth finding which stores in town carry the best variety of vegan cheese. I've found these Follow Your Heart cheese slices at Walmart as well.

Cooking up a mean grilled cheese might seem simple, but you've got some interesting elements going on. For one, butter burns relatively easy so you'll want to control your heat and keep your pan from getting too hot. So, you've got to cook them at just the right temperature where your pan is just hot enough to crisp your bread (so you get that coveted golden brown crunch) but also cook them slow enough so your cheese inside gets all gooey and melty. My mouth is watering already!

Complex I know, but don't worry I've laid it all out for you ;) Have fun and ENJOY!


Vegan Grilled Cheese

Serves: 1 | Prep: 2 mins | Cook: 6 Mins | Ready: 10 Mins

Recipe PDF


Canola Oil (approx 1 tbsp)

Butter - Earth Balance (approx 1 tbsp)

Sourdough Loaf (2 slices)

White Cheddar Cheese (1 slice)

Provolone Cheese(1 slice)

Smoked Gouda Cheese(1 slice)

My favorite cheese slices are from

Follow Your Heart brand


  1. Prep work: Preheat skillet to medium to medium-high heat. Butter one side of each slice of bread.

  2. Drop approx 1 tablespoon of canola oil in your skillet and add one piece of bread butter side down - rub the bread slice around in the oil while on the skillet to evenly coat.

  3. Add the second slice of bread to the skillet - butter side up. This is to head the inside of the top slice of bread to help melt the cheese.

  4. Add cheese slices to the piece of bread that is butter side down on the skillet. Evenly distribute all three cheese slices on the single slice.

  5. Do a check on the bottom slice of bread to make sure it's not burning. Cook time for each slice should be approx 2-3 minutes depending on how hot your skillet is.

  6. Flip over the second slice of bread and add it to the top of the cheese slices - butter side up, ready to flip over once the bottom slice is golden brown.

  7. When ready, flip your grilled cheese over on the skillet to begin cooking the top slice of bread until golden brown. Once both the top and bottom slices of bread are crispy and golden brown and your cheese inside is melted, remove from skillet. Slice into halves diagonally and enjoy!

Tips & Notes:

The key to this recipe is to get your skillet evenly heated at a temperature that will crisp the bread slices at a slow enough rate so the cheese has time to melt inside. If you find your bread is burning before your cheese is melted, turn down your heat. If you find your bread is not crisping quickly enough, turn up your heat - cooking at too low of a temperature will not crisp your bread enough to achieve that golden brown coating you're looking for. You want to hear a nice crispy crunch when you bite in.


Do you have any favorite foods to add alongside your Grilled Cheese? Share it in the comments below!

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